New York Cheesecake!

I’m sorta crazy about cheesecake. I’m really very crazy about it, actually. My obsession with cheesecake runs so deep that I still remember the very first piece of cheesecake I ever ate. My brother and I were out shopping with my mother when we ended up in Dille En Kamille in Antwerp. Back then this amazingly lovely store still had a small pastry section where you could drink a cup of tea and have a slice of pie. After tasting it that first time I always (always) went for their cheesecake when we were over there. Dille En Kamille has long since renovated and sadly enough their pastry section was removed (the store has otherwise remained fabulous and amazing though).

While we do have cheesecake in Belgium I don’t come across it that often. When I do go somewhere with the explicit desire to eat cake or pie and cheesecake is on the menu, chances are pretty big that I’m going for the cheesecake. It really just calls for me. (Aline. Aliiiiine! Eat me.)

Previous attempts at making my own cheesecake have been incredibly disappointing. I have no idea why – maybe it was my inexperience in the kitchen that made the cheesecakes come out wattery and horrible. The disappointment proved a bit too hard on me and it’s been years since I last tried to make it. (Except for the recipe for cheesecake my mom likes which calls for semolina, admittedly one of my favorite things in the world.) After I came across a recipe for cheesecake by Keiko I decided I really had to try again though.

My dad is crazy about the recipes Keiko posts. They are usually pretty “difficult” but explained so well (both in words as with videos) that even the hardest pastry recipes tend to work after one or two tries. The cheesecake recipe actually looked easy so I thought: this time I will conquer this cake! You have to be a registered (paying) user to see her recipes, so I’m not sharing the recipe here. There are pictures, though!

Tart dough – I decided to go with a tart base instead of the crumbled-cookies base.

Cheesecake filling (pre-baking stage)

Frozen raspberries for the coulis


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One Response to “New York Cheesecake!”

  1. Emma Says:

    Oh my GOSH this looks phenomenal. Please pack up an entire cake and mail it to me, thanks.

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