Penguin fun

My parents took a couple of ice cream classes a while back and ever since they’ve been bitten by the frozen-treats bug. They got one of those professional ice cream machine and everything. Yeah. It’s really no surprise that I’m so obsessed with baking and cooking, with parents like this. A friend recently asked my parents to make him a couple of ice cream cakes. My dad is the one who does the actual ice making, while my mom is always in charge of the cake assembly – she rocks at that kind of stuff.

Her plan was to make three different flavored cakes – one of them was for the kids, and she wanted to put fondant penguins on that one. Aha, I thought, the perfect job for me. The thing with having a talented and creative mom, though, is that everyone always assumes the really good stuff was made by her. “Have you seen those penguins mom made?” My brother asked me, “They are amazing!” (You should probably know that my brother is a bit of a penguin fan.) “No,” I told him, “I made them!” And he gave me this suspicious look like I would try to steal my mom’s thunder. Thanks a lot, bro.

I’m really happy that my fondant work is getting better and better. After studying some examples on google images I started sculpting these fellows. I started with the white bodies, which I gave very slight hourglass figures to separate the head from the body a bit (“No, dad, they don’t need a separate head – penguins don’t have necks.”) Then I cut a triangle out of some rolled-out black fondant (I had to dye it black myself, I had black fingers for the rest of the day!) and placed that over the head so the top angle created the forehead and the two bottom angles created the wings. Don’t forget to sculpt a little tail, if you ever make a penguin. It ups the cute-factor with about 35%.

The ice cream has been lined with (now frozen) whipped cream, and the icebergs behind the penguins are made of Italian meringue.


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3 Responses to “Penguin fun”

  1. Greet Says:

    Those penguins are the cutest! :D

    That looks like one awesomely tasty family-made ice cream cake!

  2. limegreenjelly Says:

    Reblogged this on Fetish For Ice-cream and commented:
    Simply Wonderful :3

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