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Batman Brownies

July 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises premiered on Wednesday the 25th here. A rewatch of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight was necessary before I could venture out to see the new movie – ’cause while I had seen the first two movies (once, way back) I didn’t really remember all that much of them. When you have a movie-marathon going on you also need snacks. It’s always extra fun when your snacks are (geekily) shaped like the movie you’re watching. So I baked some Batman Brownies, slightly adapted from the Primrose Bakery recipe for brownies.



July 23, 2012

Sometimes the urge to bake cookies can’t be tamed just by browsing through your favorite blogs, looking for recipes. Sometimes you just have to give in and bake something. The biggest question then is always: exactly what will I bake? On Saturday my brother from another mother got back from his vacation (are people still saying brother from another mother? Well, they should and I am, apparently) and I let him choose. I told him he could either have peanut butter cookies, chocolate (chip) cookies or oatmeal cookies. He chose oatmeal. Good choice. (Especially since the oatmeal cookies kinda sorta also had peanut butter and chocolate in them. Miracle cookies, really.)

Recipe here at How Sweet Eats.

The cookies came out really, really lovely. They were chewy and had a beautiful oatmeal flavor, and creamy peanut butter :) this one was a real winner. When my real brother (you know, from the same mother and father) got home from his vacation yesterday I gave him one. The first bite was met with lots of “hmmm!” and “yum!” but the second bite was met with a horrified: “There’s peanut butter in this?” Of course I have the luck to have a brother who doesn’t like peanut butter. (He finished the cookie anyway.)


Oreo cupcakes

July 20, 2012

When some of our friends and I went to visit Jessie in Sweden a couple of months ago she took us to this neat little store called Lagerhaus that I absolutely adore. I mostly adore it because they have a bunch of really neat baking supplies and kitchen ware. Everything is too adorable, and if I could (read: if I had all the money and luggage space in the world) I’d probably buy every single item in that store. But alas I don’t so I didn’t. That day I bought a couple of things (like pink and black paper straws and cupcake papers) and stared mournfully at a couple of other things that I couldn’t get – like this container with a see-through lid that says: “Of course it’s good, it’s made by me.”

When Jessie arrived in Belgium in the beginning of July she had some presents for me. One of them was that awesome little container. My friends are AWESOME. All good things come to an end though, and on Monday I put Jess on a plane back to Sweden. Whoever put Sweden and Belgium so far apart better knows that I am not pleased with them, not pleased at all. September should be here soon enough though, right? :)

Today I made vanilla cupcakes with a simple butter icing and pieces of mini oreo on top. Because the only thing that can make a cupcakes more awesome is a cookie on top, right?


Strawberry cookies and strawberry trifle

July 9, 2012

A couple of days ago we took the train to Amsterdam. It seemed like the world wasn’t to keen on letting us go though, because there were several train disasters trying to keep us in Belgium. Waiting for the next train (while praying it wouldn’t be cancelled as well) gave us the time to go buy some magazines though, so I bought a girly magazine that was mindless enough to keep my mind of the two hour train ride. In said magazine there was a recipe for a strawberry breakfast cookie that I, without even trying first, immediately dubbed best ever.

I tried baking them the very next day and while good, it still needed a lot of tweaking. Now, several added ingredients and tweaks later, I can officially say: BEST STRAWBERRY COOKIES EVER. These cookies are chewy, they’re strawberry-y, they’ve got white chocolate and they form such a lovely whole. I think they’re an excellent summery alternative for chocolate chip cookies and I can’t wait to take these bad boys with me to the movie theater tonight to snack on.


Happy 4th of July

July 4, 2012

To all you Americans out there: Happy Fourth of July! I hope you had an amazing day with a lot of food, and watching the fireworks – and whatever it is that you do on this day!

Something else you can celebrate on the fourth of July is Steve Rogers’ birthday. I kind of warned you before that I’m sort of a geek – and here my geekiness shows through my baking once again! To be honest I’ve never really been a very big fan of superheroes. I didn’t grow up reading the comic books, and I never really liked any of the movies. (Spiderman being the big exception.) When the whole Avengers craze was going on a couple of months ago, however, some of my friends were absolutely adamant to get me into the whole craziness. I have to say that they succeeded.

A week before the Avengers movie premiered I watched all the individual avenger movies – I can’t say I enjoyed all of those, but I did really enjoy the Avengers movie, and I’ve been geeking out about it ever since. I’ve been thinking about making Avengers cupcakes for a while now. (To be fair I have to say: three-avengers-and-one-villain cupcakes.) I knew which flavors I wanted for which avengers, and I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do for decorations – now all I needed was the perfect occasion to bake them.

My friend Jessie is visiting from Sweden, and out little group of friends gathered today to go and see The Amazing Spiderman. (Another thing I liked to geek out over is Andrew Garfield’s face. Yeah. I like it a lot.) So today was the day!


M&M cookies

July 1, 2012

It seems like these cookies have really taken over my life… It doesn’t help that one of my friends is a pretty big fan of them as well and keeps pestering me to make more. A couple of days ago said friend brought two packets of M&M over to my house, after a couple of them he decided he wasn’t in the mood for them after all. They were too boring, just like that. So I said: “Want me to turn them into cookies?” “Yes.” He replied. “Yes, please.”

And so I did, and damn. Amazing stuff happened. It’s neat that the M&Ms don’t really melt when you bake them, making the cookies really colorful :) Less fun is the fact that there were almost no red M&Ms in the packs. My rainbow of colors was a little crooked.