M&M cookies

It seems like these cookies have really taken over my life… It doesn’t help that one of my friends is a pretty big fan of them as well and keeps pestering me to make more. A couple of days ago said friend brought two packets of M&M over to my house, after a couple of them he decided he wasn’t in the mood for them after all. They were too boring, just like that. So I said: “Want me to turn them into cookies?” “Yes.” He replied. “Yes, please.”

And so I did, and damn. Amazing stuff happened. It’s neat that the M&Ms don’t really melt when you bake them, making the cookies really colorful :) Less fun is the fact that there were almost no red M&Ms in the packs. My rainbow of colors was a little crooked.

I used the recipe I linked to above, but instead of three cups of chocolate chips I used about 2 cups of M&Ms (two of the packs, but minus the brown ones. There’s no brown in the rainbow.)


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