Strawberry cookies and strawberry trifle

A couple of days ago we took the train to Amsterdam. It seemed like the world wasn’t to keen on letting us go though, because there were several train disasters trying to keep us in Belgium. Waiting for the next train (while praying it wouldn’t be cancelled as well) gave us the time to go buy some magazines though, so I bought a girly magazine that was mindless enough to keep my mind of the two hour train ride. In said magazine there was a recipe for a strawberry breakfast cookie that I, without even trying first, immediately dubbed best ever.

I tried baking them the very next day and while good, it still needed a lot of tweaking. Now, several added ingredients and tweaks later, I can officially say: BEST STRAWBERRY COOKIES EVER. These cookies are chewy, they’re strawberry-y, they’ve got white chocolate and they form such a lovely whole. I think they’re an excellent summery alternative for chocolate chip cookies and I can’t wait to take these bad boys with me to the movie theater tonight to snack on.


280 grams of flour
1 table spoon of baking powder
70 grams of cane sugar
95 grams of cold butter
1 table spoon of cinnamon

300 grams of strawberries (washed)
1 cup of white chocolate chips
100 grams of cream

What to do

In a bowl sift flour and baking powder, then mix in sugar and cinnamon. Add the cold butter in cubes and knead dough with your hands, rubbing the butter into the dry ingredients until you get a crumble dough. Chop up the strawberries and add them together with the chocolate, stir in. Add the cream and mix it with your hands – but not too long. You’ll have a really sticky batter.

Flour your counter surface generously and put your dough on it. Add plenty of flour on top and roll out the dough (it will probably still be pretty sticky, just go with it.) Cut out circles and put them on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake the cookies in a preheated oven of 175°C for about 14 minutes. I got about 20 cookies out of this, and they’ll be nice and chewy on the inside :)

There’s nothing like strawberries and white chocolate :)

Sticky dough mess!

I also made two strawberry trifles for dessert (for me and my Swedish friend Jess who is still visiting :D) and they turned out so amazing! I used a layer of cookie (broken into fairly large pieces) then a layer of strawberry cream (I put about 10/15 strawberries in a small saucepan with a couple of tablespoons of cane sugar and let that boil down until the strawberries were soft – then I mixed up some butter and added the slightly cooled down strawberry jam to it and mixed it up. I let that cool in the fridge and whipped up some cream. To the strawberry butter I carefully added the whipped cream) and then a layer of fresh strawberries. And repeat!


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One Response to “Strawberry cookies and strawberry trifle”

  1. ekwee Says:

    YUM i want to make these RIGHT NOW!!

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