Sometimes the urge to bake cookies can’t be tamed just by browsing through your favorite blogs, looking for recipes. Sometimes you just have to give in and bake something. The biggest question then is always: exactly what will I bake? On Saturday my brother from another mother got back from his vacation (are people still saying brother from another mother? Well, they should and I am, apparently) and I let him choose. I told him he could either have peanut butter cookies, chocolate (chip) cookies or oatmeal cookies. He chose oatmeal. Good choice. (Especially since the oatmeal cookies kinda sorta also had peanut butter and chocolate in them. Miracle cookies, really.)

Recipe here at How Sweet Eats.

The cookies came out really, really lovely. They were chewy and had a beautiful oatmeal flavor, and creamy peanut butter :) this one was a real winner. When my real brother (you know, from the same mother and father) got home from his vacation yesterday I gave him one. The first bite was met with lots of “hmmm!” and “yum!” but the second bite was met with a horrified: “There’s peanut butter in this?” Of course I have the luck to have a brother who doesn’t like peanut butter. (He finished the cookie anyway.)



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