Brown butter peanut butter cookies

English is my second language (it was supposed to be my third language but, I’m sorry French,  you’re just really hard, okay?) Sometimes this makes for funny translations. ‘Cause see, in dutch peanut butter is pindakaas – which literally means peanut cheese. Now when you say it like that, in English, it just looks and sounds weird. In dutch though, it sounds right. (Though if I could choose I think I’d go with peanut butter. Nothing really beats butter.) Incidentally it was a Dutch person who showed me the joys of eating peanut butter. Up to this day I’m not sure if I should hate her for it, or be thankful. On the one hand: peanut butter, yum. On the other: maybe one of the most fattening things I like eating.

These cookies were truly amazing. I was meeting up with some friends to go and see Brave in the movie theater. We were having a small picnic beforehand and I really wanted to bake something. These seemed easy and quick to make, so I went with them. Because we were running a little late I had to shove them in a cookie box as soon as they came out of the oven – so they never really cooled into solid cookies. Completely crumbly or not: they were still delicious.

You can find the recipe here, at the tasty kitchen website! I used cane sugar to sprinkle on top after they were baked :) I love cane sugar.



Homemade raspberry lemonade, iced tea, and banana shake at Lojola in Antwerp! :)



One Response to “Brown butter peanut butter cookies”

  1. Emma Says:

    Oh man these looks good, and those drinks are beautiful! Mmm I love brown butter.

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