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Brownie peanut butter pie!

September 28, 2012

Yesterday I finished my first week of the bakery course I’ll be taking this year! Eep, super exciting! I’ll be having bakery classes, patisserie classes, classes in chocolate (and finances/marketing etc.) On our second day we made pralines, and yesterday we baked a white loaf of bread. To say that I’m really pleased with my life right now is a bit of an understatement! To celebrate I’ll post the pictures of the brownie peanut butter pie I made for a friend last week. He was in the mood for chocolate and peanut butter, and when I saw this recipe down at Sprinkle Bakes I knew it had to be this pie!

Visit the Sprinkle Bakes’ original post for (1) the recipe and (2) amazing pictures of a far less-sloppy version of this pie. My technique needs some work, but the pie apparently tasted very yummy, so I was pretty proud.



Brown butter, double-fudge chocolate chip cookies.

September 19, 2012

Pierrefonds, France. Picture by my friend Jessica.

My friend Greet outside the castle.

Driver and all-round hero of the trip: Anne.
Also; France was rainy and cold, but still pretty perfect.

I went on a roadtrip with three of my best friends last week. I am afraid my geek will show again when I say we went to visit the castle where they film the BBC fantasy show Merlin. It’s the third year we’ve gone there. It was just the four of us this year but we had enough fun for at least ten people! I made vanilla-chocolate chip and chocolate-chocolate chip mash up cookies for the trip (and they lasted us about three days!) and I must say they were quite the success! I got the recipe here, from the How Sweet Eats blog :) My cookies didn’t turn out as pretty/cookie shaped as the ones in that original post. Lesson learned: cool down the dough more before baking, so they don’t run quite as much. Taste-wise though: YUM YUM YUM


Butter kisses

September 10, 2012

I am calling these butter kisses because they’re actually shortbread cookies (which is mostly butter) with a butter cream in between. So butter, butter and more butter! (But who doesn’t absolutely love butter?) They’re actually called melting moments? Or shortbread kisses. Whatever they’re called: they’re really yum.

I got the inspiration here but used a shortbread recipe from a “Traditional Scottish Cooking” book I got in Scotland last spring, and butter cream recipe from The Great British Baking Book! (It uses sugar-syrup and worked really awesomely!)


Apple cupcakes

September 7, 2012

My brother playing a prop.

It’s been a little under a month since my last post! I didn’t mean to disappear like that, but even though I didn’t really have anything to do this summer I ended up having something to do every single day none the less. I also went on vacation to Scotland at the end of August! In May I saw the Edinburgh and Glasgow (and lots in between those two cities) and this time I saw the Highlands: Aberdeen and Inverness – and once again lots in between: Elgin, Nairn and Huntly. It was an extremely awesome – and extremely yummy trip. I had Eton Mess, Pavlova, lots of Highland Short Bread and Cranachan! Going to use some of my left-over Scotland energy to bake shortbread cookies tomorrow, but for now I bring you pictures of the apple cupcakes I made today.