Brown butter, double-fudge chocolate chip cookies.

Pierrefonds, France. Picture by my friend Jessica.

My friend Greet outside the castle.

Driver and all-round hero of the trip: Anne.
Also; France was rainy and cold, but still pretty perfect.

I went on a roadtrip with three of my best friends last week. I am afraid my geek will show again when I say we went to visit the castle where they film the BBC fantasy show Merlin. It’s the third year we’ve gone there. It was just the four of us this year but we had enough fun for at least ten people! I made vanilla-chocolate chip and chocolate-chocolate chip mash up cookies for the trip (and they lasted us about three days!) and I must say they were quite the success! I got the recipe here, from the How Sweet Eats blog :) My cookies didn’t turn out as pretty/cookie shaped as the ones in that original post. Lesson learned: cool down the dough more before baking, so they don’t run quite as much. Taste-wise though: YUM YUM YUM

Sugar and vanilla

Add brown butter!

Divide batter, add flour and chocolate chips to one half, flour, cocoa and chocolate chips to the other half.


Enjoy! I found them tastiest the day after, nice and cold :)


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