Pâte à Choux




On Tuesday, in class, we made sjoekes. These are known in English as profiteroles, and cream puffs. Or Choux. We filled half of them with a princess cream, which is half vanilla or yellow pudding, and half whipped cream. With liquor in it. YUM. We covered them in a sugar fondant and chocolate mixture and they were divine. I decided I wanted to make them again (for practice, and because my family really loved them last week.) I started by making a fondant (first time ever, it wasn’t easy but I am super pleased with the result!), then I made the vanilla pudding – which is really a lot of fun to make I think. Then was the pâte à choux, which has it’s difficulties when you have to cook the dough, but it went well! I’m pleased with the end result, though my oven isn’t really made for these kinds of recipes – I think the choux turned out a bit too brown, but still: yummy!


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One Response to “Pâte à Choux”

  1. erika Says:

    Those look absolutely mouthwatering!

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