Chocolate cardamom snow bites!


I did it. I finally did it: I passed my (practical) driving test. I am now the proud owner of a driver’s license. (Or I will be, on Wednesday – administrative formality!) It’s been a long and painful road, that’s for sure. There was cursing, there was some lying awake at night worrying about it, and there were more than a few tears – but I finally made it. And if I never have to listen to my brother tell me how the journey is more important than the destination it will still be too soon!

Here is a recipe for some wonderful chocolate and cardamom cookies to celebrate this joyous day. Cardamom is a really amazing spice that isn’t used often enough where I come from! It’s an important flavor-maker in the Swedish Semla, which is also where I go to discover this beauty.

What you need;

125 grams of dark chocolate
100 grams of butter
50 grams of white sugar
50 grams of light brown sugar
1 egg
200 grams of flour
1 tablespoon of cacao
1/2 tablespoon of baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoons of ground cardamom
powdered sugar (for decoration)

What to do;

1) Melt the butter and chocolate au-bain-marie; set it aside to cool
2) Sift together the flour, cacao, baking powder and cardamom; set aside.
3) Slowly add the sugar to the chocolate/butter mixture and mix well.
4) Add the egg and mix well.
5) Add the flour and mix/knead until you get a dough.
6) Roll it into a sausage (4cm diameter). Wrap in clingfilm and set in the fridge for at least an hour.

7) Cut the dough sausage in 30 pieces and roll them into balls.
8) Bake for 15 minutes at 180°C (fan: 160°C)

9) When they’re cold you can dust with powdered sugar to make them look seasonally appropriate and snowy! :)



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One Response to “Chocolate cardamom snow bites!”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Oh semlor! These look really good. :)

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