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Sometimes it’s just not meant to be

January 27, 2013

I went to bed last night with every intention of sleeping in today. After waking up at 5.00 AM on Friday (to work a 10-hour shift), and then at 4.00 AM on Saturday (for an 8-hour shirt) I thought I quite deserved to sleep in. This morning I woke up at 9 o’clock though, completely unable to fall back asleep because I’d gotten myself so excited over the thought of baking today. Baking as in bread-baking. I was going to make hamburger buns and semla and it was going to be wonderful – and the excitement proved a bit too much.

It ended up not being as amazing as my sleep-fogged mind had hoped this morning. I couldn’t find my trusty semla recipe. Disaster. I had only made the semla once before, but it had been yummy and perfect and the thought of putting my trust in another recipe wasn’t very appealing. I went around searching on the internet and found about half a dozen different recipes (a lot of which were in Swedish – thank you google translator.) But some days it’s just not meant to be and the Swedish treats turned into quite the disaster…

The bun was tough and over-baked. And on top of that we didn’t have any real whipping cream, and trying to turn the culinary cream into whipped cream wasn’t a really successful endeavor. But when at first you don’t succeed…








I ended up finding my original recipe right after throwing these in the garbage… So I guess I’ll be trying again tomorrow! If they turn out as good as they did last year there’ll be a recipe post :) The hamburger buns are in the oven now. Let’s hope at least one thing works out okay today!


Vanilla cupcakes with a butter cream icing and mini-chocolate chip cookies

January 19, 2013


I saw this blog post down at Raspberri Cupcakes about chocolate-chip cupcakes with mini chocolate-chip cookies on top and I immediately fell in love. I love the idea of chocolate-chip cupcakes filled with chocolate-chip cookie dough (and if you do too then you should definitely check out that post, and it’s absolutely gorgeous pictures!) I decided to just go with my fool-proof vanilla cupcake recipes (that you can find here) and bake little chocolate chip cookies for on top. (A recipe post for those will follow!)


Dee’s Cookies

January 12, 2013


I call these Dee’s cookies because I always make them for my friend – and my friend’s called Dee. At this point it’s sort of become a pretty predictable cliché that I’ll make them for her for Christmas and for her birthday in June. Sometimes predictable gifts can be nice as well though, right? I haven’t heard her complain yet anyway. In fact, I’ve heard her refer to these cookies as “the meaning of her life” before so I think I’ve still got it! (Original recipe: here you’ll also be able to find pictures of the baked cookies there – something I forgot to do. Sorry about that!)


Blondies with a raspberry cream cheese frosting

January 1, 2013


Happy New Year. May 2013 bring you loads of happiness, health, joy and all the other things you want it to :) Mostly I’m wishing you all a lot of awesome cookies, and really yummy cakes though! And maybe for 2013 you can try making these blondies? (I suggest you wait until it’s raspberry season though, because these were really expensive – and they’re just better when they’re in season.)