Sometimes it’s just not meant to be

I went to bed last night with every intention of sleeping in today. After waking up at 5.00 AM on Friday (to work a 10-hour shift), and then at 4.00 AM on Saturday (for an 8-hour shirt) I thought I quite deserved to sleep in. This morning I woke up at 9 o’clock though, completely unable to fall back asleep because I’d gotten myself so excited over the thought of baking today. Baking as in bread-baking. I was going to make hamburger buns and semla and it was going to be wonderful – and the excitement proved a bit too much.

It ended up not being as amazing as my sleep-fogged mind had hoped this morning. I couldn’t find my trusty semla recipe. Disaster. I had only made the semla once before, but it had been yummy and perfect and the thought of putting my trust in another recipe wasn’t very appealing. I went around searching on the internet and found about half a dozen different recipes (a lot of which were in Swedish – thank you google translator.) But some days it’s just not meant to be and the Swedish treats turned into quite the disaster…

The bun was tough and over-baked. And on top of that we didn’t have any real whipping cream, and trying to turn the culinary cream into whipped cream wasn’t a really successful endeavor. But when at first you don’t succeed…








I ended up finding my original recipe right after throwing these in the garbage… So I guess I’ll be trying again tomorrow! If they turn out as good as they did last year there’ll be a recipe post :) The hamburger buns are in the oven now. Let’s hope at least one thing works out okay today!


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