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February 25, 2013


A couple of weeks ago my parents surprised me with Leila Lindholm’s beautiful book One More Slice. I first saw this (Swedish) cookbook when I was visiting my friend Jessica, in Sweden. I’m really happy that the book has since been translated into English and Dutch. It’s a really gorgeous book, with lots of beautiful pictures and awesome looking recipes. The first thing I baked out of her book were bagels! It was my first time making bagels, and I must say it was a complete success!



Mini gooey-brown-butter-cakes!

February 23, 2013


I made this cake for the first time last December. While it tasted really really amazing, I forgot to take some at least semi-decent pictures so I’m afraid I wasn’t really able to sell the recipe. So let me try again. This is a gooey brown butter cake with apples. It’s made with brown butter and apples. And it’s gooey. It’s truly one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. And I hope these pictures do the recipe a little more justice!



Find the recipe here; and I hope you like this gooey mess as much as I do!

Chocolate mousse

February 20, 2013


This is the best chocolate mousse out there. No, seriously. You don’t understand how good it is. We made this white chocolate mousse in school and I basically spent the whole day just eating it. I just shamelessly scooped it up (with my fingers) bit by bit and. Kept. Eating it. It’s a miracle there was enough left to make a chocolate mousse pie with (if that sounds like the best thing in the world then that’s because it was the best thing in the world) and there was enough left that I got to take it home with me. Where I continued to eat it. With a spoon this time – a table spoon.

This is a recipe for white chocolate mousse – but I decided to try it with dark chocolate as well. There’s no sugar in the recipe (because white chocolate is sweet enough) and it worked out for the dark chocolate as well – though it is a lot less sweet. I decided to serve them like this, in a sort of crazy combo mix thing, and it was a real hit :) Also, BONUS: no raw eggs in this chocolate mousse recipe! (Yuck, raw eggs.)


Ricotta and cherry pie

February 16, 2013


Ricotta pie. It’s kind of like cheesecake, but with ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese. I must admit that the only reason I made this was because my mom came home with a really big container of ricotta cheese –  and when life give you lemons, you make lemonade. So when your mom gives you ricotta you bake a pie, or something. That being said, this cherry and ricotta combo was definitely worth the try, even though I’m still more of a fan of the cream cheese cheese-cakes. Still nice though!

There’s some lemon-zest in the pie crust, which gave it some zing – and the ricotta (when baked) came out really mellow and just yummy with a great texture. (This recipe comes from the Foodies special magazine, from 2011!)