Chocolate mousse


This is the best chocolate mousse out there. No, seriously. You don’t understand how good it is. We made this white chocolate mousse in school and I basically spent the whole day just eating it. I just shamelessly scooped it up (with my fingers) bit by bit and. Kept. Eating it. It’s a miracle there was enough left to make a chocolate mousse pie with (if that sounds like the best thing in the world then that’s because it was the best thing in the world) and there was enough left that I got to take it home with me. Where I continued to eat it. With a spoon this time – a table spoon.

This is a recipe for white chocolate mousse – but I decided to try it with dark chocolate as well. There’s no sugar in the recipe (because white chocolate is sweet enough) and it worked out for the dark chocolate as well – though it is a lot less sweet. I decided to serve them like this, in a sort of crazy combo mix thing, and it was a real hit :) Also, BONUS: no raw eggs in this chocolate mousse recipe! (Yuck, raw eggs.)



200 grams of cream
200 grams of milk
80 grams of egg yolk (about 5-6 eggs)
half a vanilla bean

350 grams of melted (white) chocolate
670 grams of cream

01. Get the cream and milk to boil. Take off the fire and let it cool slightly.
02. Separate the eggs and only use the egg yolks (80 grams of them) – whisk them together with the vanilla of one vanilla bean.
03. Once the milk/cream has cooled slightly you’re gonna pour a little in the bowl with the egg yolk and vanilla and whisk this for a bit. Transfer the egg-mixture back into the pot with the remainder of the milk and cream and put this back on the fire. Stir with a spatula and get the milk/cream/egg mixture to 84°C (not higher because your eggs will start to cook!)

04. Now you have a nice anglaise – and you’re gonna need 400 grams of it for the chocolate mousse.
05. Add the melted chocolate to (400 grams of) the milk/cream/egg mixture.
06. Let this cool in the fridge until it’s room temperature

07. Whip the cream ’til you’ve got a half-whipped cream thing going on. Don’t whip it too hard cause you’ll lose your cream taste! Gently add this to your chocolate mixture. When adding something you’ve whipped air in like a whipped cream or a whipped egg white you want to keep all that air that you got into it in it. So use a spatula to mix it in, not a whisker. First add 1/3rd of the whipped cream and stir it in real hard so you soften up your chocolate mixture. The next 2/3rd you want to fold in really gently.
08. Let your awesome chocolate mousse set in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it :)

09. If you want to add two colors of chocolate mousse in one glass, like I did in the pictures, you can fill two pastry bags with one of the colors – I used my mom’s help, and we just piped in the chocolate mousse (when it was still pretty soft) in the glasses and then let it set further in the fridge





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  1. mydearbakes Says:

    Awwww, this post is making hungry! =D

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