Banana bread


I can only promise that I’ll try not to use the phrase this shit is bananas. I can only try as I am only human. ‘Cause in all honesty, this banana bread is really, really, really good. It’s moist, and sweet but not-too-sweet, and what can I say? I just really love the taste and texture of bananas. I made this cake for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I was in love. At the time I completely forgot to take pictures (as in I kept postponing until there was only half a cake left and it had definitely seen better days.) Luckily my brother’s best friend is a bit in love with this cake as well so he brought over some bananas yesterday. ‘Cause he is very subtle about these things.

Original recipe from How Sweet Eats can be found here. There are some extremely lovely pictures down at their recipe post as well! Enjoy :)


The dough in a bread-loaf tin :)



You kind of baste the cake as you would a turkey (om nom) with condensed and evaporated milk. This makes the cake super moist and milky sweet. It’s really awesome.


Serve with whipped cream and more bananas on top :D





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