Tea time


The inevitable happened a couple of weeks ago. My brother came up to me with a long-suffering: “You have to get rid of some of your tea.” My brother is my younger brother, okay? He isn’t the boss of me, and I don’t take orders from anyone. But I guess that in this case he was sort of right. I did have way too much tea. Three drawers full – and then some boxes scattered all over the kitchen. So last weekend I started the painful exercise of going through my tea and deciding which ones I could maybe part with.




Now the thing about me – if that hadn’t already been very clear from that first picture – is that I really like tea. I really really like it. The problem, however, is that I usually stick to two or three different kinds (regular English Breakfast, lemon tea and rosehip) while I have dozens of different kinds. It’s not that I don’t like all the other kinds, it’s just that it’s quick and easy to use a tea bag – and it’s got something to do with comfort as well, I think. No matter how yummy the other kinds are, the regular or lemon teas just bring me a lot of comfort in a mug.



I have very special and precious memories of some of these teas, though. Which always makes it even harder to try to down-size. The one in the picture above with the candied maple-leafs I got from a friend in Canada. I also have some Finnish teas sent to me by friends, and more tea from another Canadian friend. There’s little things in life that are more awesome than getting tea from all over the world. (That up there is my cat, by the way. His name is Flynn and all the different smells and scents absolutely fascinated him.)



I reorganized like this: I got rid of a lot of the big boxes some of the tea came in and, instead, put it the numerous tea-tins I’ve bought over the years. I have a matching red set of tea-containers from Sweden, and green one that’s got Teabags – unless something else; in which case that on it. Got that one in Camden (of course!) I mixed and matched different tea bags in the red container – which I from now on will present when guests ask for tea and then inquire: what kinds do you haveThe green tin now houses my green tea. See – there’s a system in there. I also put aside tea to give away – because I couldn’t throw it away even if I tried. So if you’re one of the lucky ones who gets a container filled with tea for your next birthday: you’re welcome. 

I was able to go from three-drawers-and-then-some to two :) and I’m extremely pleased. I celebrated by getting box of lipton’s new flavor Blueberry Muffin the next day.

I apparently don’t have any restraint.



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One Response to “Tea time”

  1. Dave Says:

    I don’t drink enough tea..

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