Rosas spritz cookies





It’s been a while. Again. I wish I had an exciting story to tell, like that I’ve been traveling to far-away countries and discovering new cultures, or even that I’ve been working really hard and making lots of money. But no. I did travel a bit though, I went to Sweden to visit my friend Jessie. And I have been working, and earning a little money – slowly trying to save up. But nothing grand enough happened to excuse this long absence. I think I just wasn’t feeling it – I wasn’t really feeling anything there for a moment, but I like to think that I’m back, with a plan even. But more on that another time (another time soon).

If there was something I was feeling though, it were these cookies. I baked these mid-March (auch, what took so long?) and they were amazing. I got the original cookie recipe here from Getting the shape right (and I didn’t really get it right) was very tough. I didn’t have the right star tip (though I did buy it on Saturday! I’m thinking about creaming up some butter and practicing a bit with it soon) and the dough was too hard for me to get through my pastry bag – I broke like 4 of them trying to make these cookies! Next time I’m going to use a little less flour and make sure my butter is a bit warmer.

I used a dark chocolate ganache as a center for these sandwich cookies – and it was amazing. The combination of the flavor and the texture of these cookies with the softness of the ganache and the taste of the chocolate was divine. I ate so many of these, geez.








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2 Responses to “Rosas spritz cookies”

  1. Jessie Says:

    They look really yummy. Don’t think I ever had those before. You also take such good pictures. :)

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