Sausage rolls, goat cheese packages and strawberry ‘n cream


Today is all about the puff pastry again! Yes, still trying stuff out for that test that’s coming up in school. It’s really coming up now, though. Soon. Well, ish. Two more weeks. And I must say I’m starting to get a tiny bit nervous. The test will be on the 20th – so if you feel like crossing some fingers for me, that would be pretty awesome. On Saturday I made these beauties: two different kinds of sausage rolls, a goats cheese and mushroom package, and strawberry and crème pattisière thingies.


Ingredients for the yeast puff pastry

500 grams of flour
250 grams of water (luke warm)
40 grams of yeast (20 grams if you’re using dry)
8 grams of salt
1 egg
40 grams of sugar (if making a sweet puff pastry – like for the strawberries and crème pattisière)
250 grams of butter

There’s loads of good vids on youtube on how to actually assemble your puff pastry :)





I tried two different kinds of sausage rolls. For one I used some diced red onion and some bay laurel. For the other I used some baked garlic, thyme and rosemary. They were both lovely, but the second one was my favorite. I also really loved the sesame seeds on top so that’s what I’ll be making for my test! :D





These goats cheese packages were so good. I couldn’t stop eating the cheese while I was assembling them – it was pretty amazing. The mushrooms I had sauteed with garlic and herbs the day before. Wow, so amazing together!


For the crème pattisière you basically make an anglaise by boiling one liter of milk with 125 grams of sugar. In a bowl you whisk together 6 egg youlks, 125 grams of sugar and 100 gram of pudding powder (or 90 gram of cornstarch). When the milk boils, you add some of it to the egg mixture, mix this well, and then transfer it back into the milk. Put it back on the stove, heat it until it boils again (stirring all the while) and there you go!









As you can see the strawberry things didn’t quite work out. I think I had two or three that didn’t open. the biggest problem is that for the test I have to make mini puff pastry bites, and when you make these in a big version it’s fine. But it’s just tricky to make them small and dainty. Will have to work on that. They tasted great though :D


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