Chocolate chip (oatmeal) cookies






I know. I know, it’s been a while. A really long while. I don’t even have an excuse – except that it was kind of hectic with school there in June (I passed, by the way, I now have a bakery and chocolatier degree. Awesome.) Then in July I went to Sweden with my best buddy Jess (the Swede). We went to Stockholm, and we went camping and it was so extremely gorgeous. Before I knew it August was there, and Jess and I went to the UK (London, Oxford and Bath – magnificent) and afterwards she stayed in Belgium with me for another week of awesome times with our friends. And just why does time keep going by so fast? I swear it was January just yesterday and now eight months have gone by? Yikes.

Anyway – the point of this post is cookies. Amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I found the recipe down at Handle The Heat (recipe: here) – I followed the recipe step-by-step (except I might have added a little bit more cinnamon because cinnamon. Also used milk chocolate chips instead of dark because we were out. Seriously. How can you be out of dark chocolate?)

My love for oatmeal cookies started in the Camden lock food market last year. The cutest girl sold me some homemade chocolate oatmeal cookies and I’ve been in love ever since. These cookies came damn close to the awesomeness I tasted that day – they were chewy, they were sweet, had an awesome cinnamon flavor and yum that chocolate. 






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5 Responses to “Chocolate chip (oatmeal) cookies”

  1. Jessie Says:

    My cookies! <33 So yum.

  2. Steph Says:

    Pfff, you know what I think about ‘oatmeal cookies’ (spoiler alert: THEY’RE NOT REAL COOKIES!!!!111!!!11!) but they look adorable, I’l give you that ;)

    • Aline Says:

      I’m totally gonna trick you into eating oatmeal cookies once – and you’ll like them so much you’ll forget all about your heathen ways, pfff <333

  3. Anne Says:

    Were those the cookies you gave us? Because damn, those were good! :DDD

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