Rhubarb and blackberry crumble soufflé



I watch a lot of reality TV. My family and friends like to call it trash TV and okay, some of it is quite trashy. I’m a sucker for Bridezillas and Geordie Shore (the trashiest I can think of, right now) but I also really like the more sophisticated things. Cooking reality shows are really addictive to me. I like cooking shows where chefs like Nigel Slater, Heston Blumenthal or Jamie Oliver show us what they’ve got – but I also really like the Gordon Ramsay shows like Kitchen Nightmares. Yeah. Don’t even look at me like that, we all have our guilty pleasures – except I don’t feel guilty about watching these shows at all.

A good and sophisticated reality cooking show I love is Masterchef. The Australian version, that is. While I like the concept of the British show, and think the whole format is entertaining, I’m more into the American and Australian formats. Except that the Australian version, to me, is a gazillion times better. None of those dramatic, fast paced close ups and personal petty problems between the contestants that the American version brings. Plus there’s an episode every day, and people get eliminated a lot slower. Plus, those judges. What can I say? I love those guys.

Anyway – this was not meant to be some sort of essay on Why Aline Loves Reality TV, nor was it some sort of ad campaign for Masterchef Australia (though I think you should all be watching it!) But instead this is a post about a rhubarb and blackberry crumble soufflé. And, the reason for that introduction, it’s recipe that I saw on Masterchef Australia. Gary Mehigan made this during a Masterclass and it looked so amazing that I had to try it myself.





For your soufflé

500 grams of rhubarb
140 grams of sugar (I used homemade vanilla infused sugar for more flavor)
little bit of water
120 grams of blackberries
corn or potato starch slushy (dissolve a little bit of corn starch into water)

Clean and chop up your rhubarb into 1-2 cm pieces. Add sprinkle over the sugar and add a dash of water so your rhubarb doesn’t burn. Put this on the stove, a moderate heat, with a lid on. Let it simmer away until the rhubarb gets nice and soft – but retains it’s shape more or less – and then add the blackberries. Let it sit on the stove, without the lid, for another couple of minutes until the berries too are soft. Then you’re gonna thicken the fruit sauce with the corn starch until you’ve got quite a thick (but not too thick) sauce. Let this cook through for a bit to get rid of your corn starch flavor. Let it cool.

For your crumble 

75 grams of flour
50 grams of butter
50 grams of (light) brown sugar (but any sugar would be good)
a little bit of salt
50 grams of dried oats
50 grams of chopped hazelnuts

Mix the flour, butter and brown sugar until it’s crumbly but with relatively big pieces of butter left. Add the oats and mix in, chop up the hazelnuts and mix them in too. Bake this, on a baking tray (spread out) at 180°C for about 5 minutes, until it’s nice a golden. Let this cool.

To assemble the soufflé 

4 egg whites
75 grams of sugar

First we’re gonna prep our molds. Butter them (but not too much, just make sure it’s gotten a nice coating) and set in the fridge for five minutes. Then butter a second time. We’re also gonna poor some sugar in the molds, and then whirl them around so the butter is coated with sugar, before removing the execs sugar.

To make the soufflé make sure your fruit sauce is cold. Whip the 4 egg whites in a clean bowl with one table spoon of the 75 grams of sugar, on the highest speed. After a minute add the rest of the sugar and keep beating until your egg whites are shiny and glossy – the sugar has dissolved. The whites don’t have to be beaten to peaks.

Add your egg white to your fruit in three steps. Step one: mix in 1/3rd of the egg whites quite briskly so you soften up the thick fruit sauce, making it easier to carefully incorporate the next two batches of egg white. Add the second portion of egg white and gently fold it in, then add the rest and gently fold that in.

Fill the molds completely and level with a spatula. Put your thumb just inside the edge and swirl around to get the indent you see in the picture.

Bake these soufflés for about 7-8 minutes at 200°C. They should have popped up a CM or more after that’s done. Gently get them out of the oven and top with your crumble. Bake for another 2 minutes until the soufflé has risen another 2 CM. Serve immediately with vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream :D enjoy!







I hope you’ll enjoy these as much as my family and neighbors did (my neighbor couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved them!) They’re not too sweet, and lovely soury/tarty because of the rhubarb! Yum! :) perfect desert to end the summer with.




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5 Responses to “Rhubarb and blackberry crumble soufflé”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Of course you should advertise Masterchef Australia! Pfff

    They look so cute and yummy!

  2. Dimple@shivaaydelights Says:

    Oh my god! This recipe is lovely and the colours wonderful!

  3. mydearbakes Says:

    What a lovely bake you have there! Awesome! =D

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