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Beware of the strudel

September 20, 2013


I’m going to be honest and say that before last week I had never even wondered about what filo dough actually is, and what it’s made off – or most importantly: how it’s made. Filo has always been one of those things that I, firstly, rarely use and secondly, always buy. My mom had a really big bunch of apples, though, and demanded (asked nicely, really, cause my mom is really nice) that I make something. Now usually I would’ve made an apple (pound) cake because not only are those the easiest, they are also by far the yummiest. Briefly my mind also went to that brown butter gooey apple cake I love. But then I thought: no, make something new. Something exciting!

So I came across this recipe for an apple-strudel type bake. Made with filo pastry. Home-made. To say I was in a little over my head would be putting it lightly. All I had was a written (albeit good!) instruction, and a work space that was kind of seriously lacking in size. But off I went, very bravely. It wasn’t a big success. I under-worked the dough because I didn’t realize how important it would be to really work it well, and then I got extremely tired (and frustrated!) of stretching it out, so some bits were still a bit too thick. All in all the result was edible, but under-baked and soggy. But that’s how life goes: sometimes you are left with a soggy bottom.

I have since seen how you make filo on a baking show on TV, and while I actually am quite curious to try again – and see if I can make it better this time – laziness usually takes over because that was seriously a lot of work for something that’s not even my favorite thing to eat. So no recipe, this time, because I really am not the best person to instruct you on how to make filo dough and strudels. But pictures, because at least those turned out okay!






Layered chocolate cake

September 14, 2013



I made this extravagant chocolate cake after my mom was cleaned out a cupboard and found a couple of cooking magazines from a while back. Or rather Christmas 2011 back. It doesn’t need to be Christmas, however, to enjoy some chocolate. Enjoying chocolate is more of a 7/7 365/365 kind of job anyway, isn’t it?

This particular Christmas magazine, for full disclosure, was Woman & Home – Feel Good Food Christmas (and it definitely made me feel good!)


Pear Pie

September 8, 2013




Are you guys watching The Great British Bake Off this season? I haven’t seen all the episodes but I’m liking what I’ve seen! I promise I do more with my life than just watch TV (I promise) but this recipe just happens to be one from a TV show again. Except this time I got it in a book – from the show. The Great British Bake Off: How to turn everyday bakes into showstoppers – wow, that’s a mouth full! Anyway, I was in the mood to bake and came across this recipe. The combination of pear and marzipan (almonds) is a great one, and I kind of just really wanted to try that fancy leaf-edge this pretty pie has. I served it with sweet whipped cream and it was pretty amazing!