Chocolate (and pecan) pie



I have one rule when it comes to baking: my family and friends don’t get to dig in until after I’ve taken pictures.

As you can see from that beautiful, chocolatey pie above – that didn’t quite work out this time around. My mom and brother’s best friend gave me the puppy eyes on Saturday and wanted me to make them a pie. A pecan pie. A pecan pie with chocolate. (Later it turned out there was a lot more chocolate than pecan to this pie.) The puppy eyes were accompanied by some whining, and eventually I gave in and made it. It was too late to take pictures, by then though, because all the day light had given way to night time. And isn’t it weird how fast the days seem to shorten once September 21st has rolled by? So I told my mom “You can have some, but make sure I have some left for pictures.” This is what I had left the next day. Quite the feat, if you know that this one of the richest pies I have ever made – basically it consists out of chocolate on top of chocolate. Oh, and there’s some nuts on there as well.


Credit: This recipe was adapted from a magazine called Baking Heaven, which is I think a Dutch magazine. Not sure how often it runs, my mom just randomly brought it home for me :) when she showed me she’d gotten it for me, she almost immediately showed me this recipe as well. “Something you should make some time. Maybe.”

You need

300 grams of chocolate (bitter, high cocoa is best)
300 grams of butter
300 grams of castor sugar
150 grams of cocoa powder (unsweetened, pure)
6 eggs

For the ganache:

250 grams of chocolate (bitter)
25 grams of butter
100 ml or cream

For the topping:

100 grams of pecan nuts

What to do

01. Melt the chocolate and butter together – au bain-marie; place a  heat proof bowl over a pot of lightly simmering water. The water can’t touch your bowl, and the water shouldn’t boil. Gently stir the chocolate and butter until it’s all melted into a liquid mass. Set aside to cool slightly.

02. Crack your eggs and whisk them with a hand mixer for a couple of minutes. While you’re mixing add the sugar a little at a time. Keep mixing until all the sugar has been added, and then for another couple of minutes. You want a very lightly colored egg mixture. Gently fold in the cocoa powder with a spatula.

03. Add your slightly cooled chocolate-butter mixture (you don’t want to fry your eggs with how hot it still is!) and gently fold it in.

04. Poor into a buttered round cake-tin. Bake this pie for about 35 minutes in a preheated oven of 180°C. Either bake it by placing the cake-tin in an over tray that’s filled with water, or if you have a steam-oven, like I do, set it on the steam/bake option.

05. Let your cake cool down before you make and add the ganache. For the ganache you’re gonna once again melt the chocolate and butter together, make sure it’s a smooth mixture. Then you’re going to add the cream – you might want to heat it slightly so it doesn’t curdle. Let this cool down a little until it’s a more paste-like constancy and not too runny.  Poor and smooth over your pie – if your pie is too warm the butter/chocolate in the ganache will melt and it’ll run off.

06. Grab your pecans and pick out some pretty/whole once for the side. Roast the rest before crushing them to a fine-ish powder. Next roast the whole pecans and make sure to keep them whole. Lay them alongside your pie (like on the picture) and use the crushed pecans to further decorate :)

This is a very easy to make pie :) it’s very heavy but oh so worth it! (So chocolate-y!) I hope you enjoy :)





It’s a very heavy and rich cake, so a small piece suffices. It’s incredibly yummy though. Very smooth and tastes so much like chocolate. Every chocoholic’s dream pie.



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One Response to “Chocolate (and pecan) pie”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Yuuuum! They must have been very happy to eat that!

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