Merry Christmas


Hello everyone! I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who liked my posts this past year, and a heartfelt you’re awesome, thanks so much to everyone who decided to follow my blog. I’m very excited to see that people like what I have to post – and I hope I can post lots more in 2014 :) I hope that you’re all spending Christmas with people you love, doing things that you love. I’d also like to wish you all that your heart desires for 2014! Make it a really great year.

I baked these cupcakes for my brother. He’s spending the evening with his friends, having a Christmas dinner party. I like how they turned out – so very festive! I also made them tiramisu, which ended up being so very very yummy. I drenched the finger biscuits in a coffee amaretto syrup, and the mascarpone cream was made with an Italian meringue and a pâte-à-bombe. So good :) but not the point of this post! This a post about cupcakes!

My cupcake recipe can be found here; and I found the buttercream recipe in my copy of The Great British Book of Baking! (Bring 85 grams of sugar and 4 table spoons to 110°C – poor in a thin stream onto 2 lightly whisked egg yolks while mixing with a hand mix. Keep mixing until the mixture is cold. (It’ll be thick and light.) Continue mixing and gradually add 150 grams of very soft butter. Add flavoring if you’d like – I added sweetened cocoa powder for hot cocoa (yum) to make the chocolate buttercream.)










Happy holidays. I hope they’re filled with lots of yummy baked goods for you.


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