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February 28, 2014





What I love about having met all these amazing online friends is that it’s given me the opportunity to learn about different places, and to travel to countries I normally maybe wouldn’t have ended up in. Before I met Jessie I never would’ve thought I’d be spending so much time in Sweden, but almost four years (and about six? Seven? trips there) later, here we are.

I really like Sweden. Jess is there, for starters, but it’s also the European home of the moose, and if I’m lucky I get to see some snow (I wasn’t very lucky in that regard this trip around. Hopefully next time!) Semla is also a big reason why I love going to Sweden so much. This tasty treat, sadly enough, isn’t always available . It’s a traditional fettisdagen (mardi gras) treat so it’s usually available in and around February. This year “Fat Tuesday” is March 4th so you still have time to whip up some semla for yourself!

It’s made up out of bread-like buns (made with flour, a little bit of sugar, butter, milk, yeast and flavored beautifully with cardamon.) The insides have a marzipan/almond filling and then it’s topped off with whipped cream. 100% delicious. I found a great recipe, and a beautiful instructions video, on the call me cupcake blog, here. (Seriously, how gorgeous is that video?!)



Apple cupcakes and cinnamon buttercream frosting

February 16, 2014





I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day weekend – or, if you don’t really celebrate it, just a regular good weekend, then. Good weekends are all about sleeping in, taking time for yourself to relax and maybe get one or two things done. Weekends also about cupcakes. Or they should be, at least. Cupcakes were without a doubt my first real baking love, and I’ve never quite gotten over them, or over how much fun it is to frost and decorate them.

These particular cupcakes were made using a regular pound-cake recipe. The mini!cupcake pan is new so I was excited to test it out (anything miniature sized is bound to be amazing). I added slices of apple to the regular sized cupcakes, and then added cinnamon to my buttercream. Apple and cinnamon are the best of friends, and the frosting was extremely yummy.




Moelleux au chocolat (lava cake)

February 13, 2014


If you’re still looking for a Valentine’s Day recipe to please your girl/boy/person, a friend, the members of your family – or yourself: look no further! This chocolate cake with a gooey center is the perfect thing. It’s very easy to make and it’s chocolate. Pretty much a guaranteed success!


Brownie and choc-chip roll out cookies

February 7, 2014





What’s that age that children start being able to recognizing and see the difference between animals? Whatever it is – I bet it’s before you’ve reached 24. ‘Cause you see, this was supposed to be a post about two different kinds of kitty-shaped cookies. That’s what it was supposed to be. Up until the moment I sent my friend Jess a text with a picture of my two brand new cookie cutters and I get a reply saying. “Oh! A kitty and an owl!” I was just holding the cookie cutter in question, ready to start punching out my first cookie, when – huh, she’s right. That’s an owl. In my defense, Jess agrees that the owl does have a very cat-like head.

But I digress. This isn’t a post about my inability to tell the difference between an owl and a cat (a bird and a freaking feline, for crying out loud) this is a post celebrating the awesomeness that is Amy! Amy is a friend I met online at the beginning of last year, through a mutual friend. We soon bonded over a mutual interest in hockey (go, Blackhawks!) and then later through a whole series of unfortunate (unpleasantly soul-sucking) fandoms. The cookie cutters were part of a Christmas (slash birthday) present Amy sent all the way from the USA. (So, further in my defence, maybe the excitement of package! Christmas! Birthday! Presents! Amy! is also part of the reason why I immediately decided cookie cutter #2 was a cat just like #1)


Earl Grey Chocolate Chip Cookies

February 2, 2014





I love tea. I think there’s not a single other hot drink that can come even close to giving the joy and comfort that a good cup of tea can offer. Not coffee, not hot chocolate – they don’t come close. Or for me, at least – weirdly enough I have a lot of friends that don’t feel the same way. Huh. My tea collection is ridiculously extensive, up to a point where I’m a bit worried that I’m never going to be able to make it through to the other end of it, at least not for another couple of years. Even though I love trying new brands and flavors, there’s a couple of teas – classics – that’ll always be on the top of my list. A good, simple Darjeeling with lemon is my personal favorite. I’m also very partial to Lipton’s Vanilla Green tea – there’s just something about that one. And then there’s Earl Grey. You just can’t go wrong with Earl Grey. When I saw the recipe for these Earl Grey Chocolate Chip Cookies on the Hummingbird High blog, I knew I had to try them.

I made them for a friend’s birthday and they were a pretty big success – I personally loved them to pieces, at least. Which I count as a big success!