Alice In Wonderland



Here is my three-tier Alice In Wonderland cake! :) I had so much fun making this – it was the first time I made a three tiered cake, and the first time I covered cake with fondant like this. I learned a lot – mainly that it’s not easy to line a cake with fondant. I’m pretty sure this is gonna take a lot of practice to get completely right! But I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and more importantly: my aunt and cousin liked it as well. And since I made the cake for them (my cousin’s school, more precisely) that’s what matters most!

The bottom cake is the chocolate cake I posted about here, the top two tiers are pound cake. All cakes were cut in two with butter cream in between, and the lathered with more butter cream. All figures are handmade (my mom made the caterpillar and cards though, she loves doing that stuff.) I’m really fond of the hat I made :D (tutorial here)




The green fondant didn’t want to cooperate at all. Thank god I could cover the little imperfections with roses and leaves!







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3 Responses to “Alice In Wonderland”

  1. Kiran Ashleigh Says:

    It’s good, but you might have considered putting plastic dowels between the layers for extra support. I say this because I see your cake deteriorating under the weight of the other tiers.

  2. Kiran Ashleigh Says:

    I would suggest watching some tutorials here (Lesson 5 is for doweling cakes and it’s all free):,22 and getting a Craftsy account. I’m really not trying to be ugly, so don’t take it that way. I’m really just trying to be helpful and give advice to someone who is so obviously talented but could get even better.

    • Aline Says:

      Hi! Thanks for the comment :) That link was very helpful. Those videos look really interesting, and I’ll make sure to check them out next time I want to do something with fondant again.

      I did put dowels between the layers for extra support, though. Could be it looks a bit crooked to you because the cakes weren’t iced 100% level. I’m still learning a lot about finishing cakes like this :)

      Have a great weekend!

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