Apple cake


It’s been a while again! Life just sometimes gets hectic, doesn’t it? It’s been a really busy couple of weeks for me – running around to get a lot of errands done and having a lot of fun with friends. Jess came down from Sweden to celebrate her birthday with us in Belgium, which was amazing. My parents were on vacation so I was in charge of all the house work. And I’ve been intensely looking for a job – it’s slow going but I’m booking progress, little by little.

There has been time for baking, though. Just not a lot of time for editing pictures and making posts. I’m going to try to change that soon though. First I bring you these pictures of a simple pound apple cake I made for my aunt a couple of weeks ago. I just love a good apple cake, and those little fondant red and green apples really lifted the cake up, I think. It was for my cousin’s school bake sale and apparently the kids liked it too! Success!






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One Response to “Apple cake”

  1. sophiebowns Says:

    I love the way you’have decorated it! <3

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