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Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies

April 24, 2014



Sometimes what a person really needs is a cookie. Sometimes, after a tough job interview, what a person really, really needs is a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. I got this recipe from a Sainsbury’s magazine with 20 quick cakes and cookies.  And yeah, not only were these really quick, but also super easy to make. And so good. 300 grams of Calvé peanut butter, and three different kinds of chocolate chips. Yeah, this one really hit the spot, I must say.

The original recipe (by Lorraine Pascale) didn’t have chocolate chips, but lightly toasted peanuts on top. I made one with peanuts on it for my mom (she’s a big nut lover). I think the combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a sacred one, though. So I decided that the only way these cookies could and would get any better was with chocolate!




Cookies and brownies

October 6, 2013


Last weekend we had the international Customer’s Day in Belgium. On this Saturday in September customers get treated with a little gift from (small) business owners. I baked brown-butter and vanilla, triple chocolate chip cookies (pffew, quite the mouthful) and brownies for the people who came into my parents’ restaurant on that Friday.