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Alice In Wonderland

April 4, 2014



Here is my three-tier Alice In Wonderland cake! :) I had so much fun making this – it was the first time I made a three tiered cake, and the first time I covered cake with fondant like this. I learned a lot – mainly that it’s not easy to line a cake with fondant. I’m pretty sure this is gonna take a lot of practice to get completely right! But I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and more importantly: my aunt and cousin liked it as well. And since I made the cake for them (my cousin’s school, more precisely) that’s what matters most!

The bottom cake is the chocolate cake I posted about here, the top two tiers are pound cake. All cakes were cut in two with butter cream in between, and the lathered with more butter cream. All figures are handmade (my mom made the caterpillar and cards though, she loves doing that stuff.) I’m really fond of the hat I made :D (tutorial here)



Penguin fun

June 17, 2012

My parents took a couple of ice cream classes a while back and ever since they’ve been bitten by the frozen-treats bug. They got one of those professional ice cream machine and everything. Yeah. It’s really no surprise that I’m so obsessed with baking and cooking, with parents like this. A friend recently asked my parents to make him a couple of ice cream cakes. My dad is the one who does the actual ice making, while my mom is always in charge of the cake assembly – she rocks at that kind of stuff.

Her plan was to make three different flavored cakes – one of them was for the kids, and she wanted to put fondant penguins on that one. Aha, I thought, the perfect job for me. The thing with having a talented and creative mom, though, is that everyone always assumes the really good stuff was made by her. “Have you seen those penguins mom made?” My brother asked me, “They are amazing!” (You should probably know that my brother is a bit of a penguin fan.) “No,” I told him, “I made them!” And he gave me this suspicious look like I would try to steal my mom’s thunder. Thanks a lot, bro.


Rainy days

June 8, 2012

How’s the weather been treating you? Here (here being Western Europe) June hasn’t been very nice to us. The end of May/Beginning of July was very warm and very sunny, but the last week has been rainy and cold. Me, I really like rain though. Mostly when I’m inside to enjoy it, but I don’t mid it all that much when I’m outside either. Today I decided to make some cupcakes to celebrate the rain, and then sun.