Happy 4th of July

To all you Americans out there: Happy Fourth of July! I hope you had an amazing day with a lot of food, and watching the fireworks – and whatever it is that you do on this day!

Something else you can celebrate on the fourth of July is Steve Rogers’ birthday. I kind of warned you before that I’m sort of a geek – and here my geekiness shows through my baking once again! To be honest I’ve never really been a very big fan of superheroes. I didn’t grow up reading the comic books, and I never really liked any of the movies. (Spiderman being the big exception.) When the whole Avengers craze was going on a couple of months ago, however, some of my friends were absolutely adamant to get me into the whole craziness. I have to say that they succeeded.

A week before the Avengers movie premiered I watched all the individual avenger movies – I can’t say I enjoyed all of those, but I did really enjoy the Avengers movie, and I’ve been geeking out about it ever since. I’ve been thinking about making Avengers cupcakes for a while now. (To be fair I have to say: three-avengers-and-one-villain cupcakes.) I knew which flavors I wanted for which avengers, and I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do for decorations – now all I needed was the perfect occasion to bake them.

My friend Jessie is visiting from Sweden, and out little group of friends gathered today to go and see The Amazing Spiderman. (Another thing I liked to geek out over is Andrew Garfield’s face. Yeah. I like it a lot.) So today was the day!

I made Tony Stark/Iron Man cupcakes (red velvet cupcakes with a yellow/golden colored cream cheese icing on top and fondant Iron Man faceplates.) Steve Rogers/Captain America cupcakes (Apple pie with red-and-blue butter cream that sadly enough failed to be red and blue… and a marzipan star) Thor cupcakes (coffee cupcakes with a fondant Mjolnir) and Loki souffle cupcakes (dark chocolate souffles with a white chocolate icing and fondant horns)!

Iron Man is sorta my favorite.

Lots of coloring

All four of them

Thor and Steve – and some icingless ones.

Can you tell yet that Iron Man is my favorite?


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2 Responses to “Happy 4th of July”

  1. Emma Says:

    You are so talented and these are SO CUTE! I’m happy you made them!! <3

  2. Greet Says:

    I ate them yesterday for dinner and this morning for breakfast :D OMNOMNOMNOOOOOOM! :D I think my Captain America cupcake looked really, really, reaaally neat though (I actually think my butter cream looked divine so no failing there!). My favourite was the Tony!cake though. God, your red velvet cakes are the best :D My second favourite was the Loki!cake. Moist chocolate cake >>> almost anything else in the world. And did I mention that the hammer was the cutest thing ever? :D


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