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Chocolate (and pecan) pie

October 15, 2013



I have one rule when it comes to baking: my family and friends don’t get to dig in until after I’ve taken pictures.

As you can see from that beautiful, chocolatey pie above – that didn’t quite work out this time around. My mom and brother’s best friend gave me the puppy eyes on Saturday and wanted me to make them a pie. A pecan pie. A pecan pie with chocolate. (Later it turned out there was a lot more chocolate than pecan to this pie.) The puppy eyes were accompanied by some whining, and eventually I gave in and made it. It was too late to take pictures, by then though, because all the day light had given way to night time. And isn’t it weird how fast the days seem to shorten once September 21st has rolled by? So I told my mom “You can have some, but make sure I have some left for pictures.” This is what I had left the next day. Quite the feat, if you know that this one of the richest pies I have ever made – basically it consists out of chocolate on top of chocolate. Oh, and there’s some nuts on there as well.



Cookies and brownies

October 6, 2013


Last weekend we had the international Customer’s Day in Belgium. On this Saturday in September customers get treated with a little gift from (small) business owners. I baked brown-butter and vanilla, triple chocolate chip cookies (pffew, quite the mouthful) and brownies for the people who came into my parents’ restaurant on that Friday.